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Foley Insertion Kits & Trays

Foley catheter kits and trays are intended to make the catheterization process convenient. Each kit contains an insertion tray, 10cc or 30cc pre-filled syringe, PVI swab sticks, underpad, gloves, drape and lubrication. Having the necessary components in a single, user friendly package can save time and money.
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Amsino Cath Tip Syringe 60 cc At Home Medical Dynarex Foley Insertion Tray
The Sterile Irrigation Syringe by Amsino is a 60 cc, flat top piston syringe that has a catheter tip with tip protector. It is packaged in a poly pouch and is latex free. Sold individually and by the case (50 units/case).

Each Price - $0.82
Box Price - $37.00
Dynarex Foley Insertion Tray is designed for convenient and economical foley catheterization insertion. Kits are available with 10cc or 30cc pre-filled syringe for 30cc catheters. The components are packed within the tray to assure proper sequence during the insertion procedure. Sold individually and by the case (20 units/case).

1 Graduated Collection Basin
1 Underpad
1 Prefilled Syringe (10cc or 30cc) of Sterile Water
1 Lubricating Jelly
3 PVP Swabsticks
1 Fenestrated Drape
1 Pair Cuffed Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

Each Price - $2.15
Case Price - $39.99
Rusch Universal Catheterization Tray At Home Medical
The Rusch Universal Catheterization Tray is a Foley Catheter Insertion Tray by Teleflex Medical. Kit includes a 10cc -or- 30cc prefilled syringe, PVI swab sticks (3), underpad, gloves, drape, and lubricant pack. Sold individually and by the case (20 units/case).

Each Price - $2.25
Case Price - $45.00
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