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Male Guards and Pads

While not a disease, urinary incontinence affects 20 million americans. While more common in women, it affects men of all ages too - estimated that 17% of men over 60 experience it, but it doesn’t have to be embarrassing - male guards and pads can help. Starting into male incontinence products, usually starts with the least invasive absorbent products first (such as male guards or pads), and can increase to adult diapers or even catheters.

Designed for comfort and security, male incontinence pads and guards are disposable, and absorbent pouches retain wetness and lock it away to an inner chamber to control odor, prevent skin irritation, and protect against leakage. Male guards and pads are shaped differently than female liners and pads, but both work to prevent embarrassing accidents and increase confidence - do things you love without missing anything.

If you or a loved one has a problem with male incontinence or any other incontinence products and need assistance or have questions about male guards and pads, the supportive and knowledgeable customer care team of At Home Medical is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.

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First Quality Prevail Male Guards At Home Medical First Quality Prevail Male Guards

Prevail® Male Guards are designed specifically for men to wear in their own underwear and are securely held in place with an adhesive strip. Features soft side leakage barriers. Designed for light-to-moderate stress and urge incontinence conditions. Sold by the pack (14 guards) or the case (9 bags of 14 guards).

Overweight Item - Free Shipping Not Available

Pack Price - $8.49
Case Price - $69.59

Our Price: $8.49
Attends Guards for Men incontinence At Home Medical Attends Guards for Men

Anatomically designed for men with light incontinence - potentially as a result of prostate problems, cancer or surgery. Unique, anatomical form-fitting shape and thin design for comfort and fit. Soft, cloth-like inner liner and outer covering for comfort, discretion and skin wellness. Super absorbent polymer locks fluids in the core and helps prevent odor. Hold-in-place adhesive patch. Excellent option for post-surgery or light incontinence. Available in the pack (16 guards) or the case (64 guards).

Overweight Item - Free Shipping Not Available
*Prices and Quantity may vary by size

Pack Price - $11.45
Case Price - $42.95

Our Price: $11.45
First Quality Prevail Pant Liners At Home Medical First Quality Prevail Pant Liners

Prevail® Pant Liners are a two part system with a full length adhesive strip that secures the product in the wearer’s own underwear for leakage protection. Sold by the pack and by the case. See "Additional Details" tab for more information.

Overweight Item - Free Shipping not Available
*Prices and Quantity may vary by size
Pack Price - $19.49
Case Price - $75.16

Our Price: $19.49
X-Top Absorbent Pouch X-Top Absorbent Pouch

X-top is an innovative leak-proof pouch specifically designed for men. Designed for those with urinary leakage, this product is the only pouch-like guard on the market able to provide 360 degrees of protection. Patented Supercore technology maintains optimal dryness. Ergonomic design combined with a breathable, waterproof outer cover elicits comfort and fit for the wearer. See Additional Details

Our Price: $21.99
Coloplast Manhood Pouch Drip Collector At Home Medical Coloplast Manhood Pouch Drip Collector

Discreetly manages the moderate dribbling incontinence for men with prostate issues. Compact, super-absorbent pocket holds up to 8 oz. of fluid. Attaches to underwear with a wide adhesive band. Invisible and discreetly rustle-free under clothing. Unique material absorbs odors, ensuring complete peace of mind. Box of 30 pouches.

Box Price - $49.95

Our Price: $49.95
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