Intermittent catheter with Fire Polished eyelets
Intermittent catheter with Fire Polished eyelets
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Intermittent catheter with Fire Polished eyelets
By Les
11/5/2010 3:38:00 PM

Not all intermittent catheters are equal when it comes to the eyelets. The eyelet of an intermittent catheter is where the body fluid exits the catheter. The larger the French size of a catheter, the larger the eyelet. (french size is the diameter of the catheter) The eyelet of a catheter is cut out during the manufacturing process, thus the edges can be rough or abrasive.

Some manufacturers will pass the catheter through a process called "Fire Polishing" which will smooth the edges of the eyelets. This is an additional and costly step in the manufacturing process, but one that significantly improves the performance of the catheter for the individual using one. fire polished eyelets of a intermittent catheter

Fire Polishing is more difficult the smaller the french size of the catheter. The smallest french size is 6 Fr., 8 Fr., and 10 Fr. These french sizes are mostly used for pediatric and youth catheters, however some adults may only require this size. One company that does Fire Polish these French size catheters is Cure Medical. All french sizes fro 6 Fr. to 16 Fr. in every catheter they manufacture is Fire Polished.

The benefit of Fire Polished eylets is less irritation to the urethra as the catheter is inserted into the bladder for use. Consistent irritation to the urethra may cause scaring.

To purchase catheters with consistently smooth Fire Polished eyelets on every French size see Cure Medical

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