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AHM iPush Givaway Rules

Here’s all the Rules, Regulations and stuff neededYou are invited to enter our “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway. Contest runs, July 22, 2016 thru August 24, 2016

Contest Rules and Guidelines: By submitting your contest entry, you grant iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical staff the right to publish submitted stories, name, city, and any testimonials submitted on our respective websites and/or marketing materials. The “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway is open to all persons at least 18 years of age who reside within the United Sates and Canada, except employees, relatives of employees and contractors of iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical. The contest is open to all participants in this area regardless of citizenship, and is subject to the laws of your jurisdiction. If you are under 18 years of age and would like to enter, you must ask a parent or guardian to do so on your behalf.

How to Submit Entries to the Contest: For entries to be considered for the “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway, they MUST be submitted via the iPush giveaway entry form.

Entry Period July 22, 2016 | Winners Announced: August 24, 2016

Rights: An entrant must hold all rights to any stories or photographs he or she submits to the contest (if applicable). Individuals submitting photos or personal content into the contest retain full rights to their material/photos, including ownership, but through the act of participation (entering into our contest) will also grant to iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical, a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, and display the submitted material/photos which might include, by example, methods listed below:

The right to publish the information/image in any format, including on the web and in print publications or presentations, such as newsletters, brochures, fundraising appeals, public service announcements, grant proposals, reports, awards, thank-you cards, displays, mailings and invitations.

The right to provide information/images to other individuals and organizations for nonprofit, iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical related use in news stories, newsletters, reports, slide shows, displays, web pages, wayside exhibits and the like.

The right to use your story and photo’s title, your name, city, state, and country of residence in our publications.

The right to keep the files provided, and to archive the images on CD or in other electronic forms, so that your story and photos can be used to support our mission and be properly credited.

We reserve sole rights to eliminate and/or delete photographic submissions to our Facebook group or content that we deem to be objectionable or of dubious provenance. No prior warning or notification will be required. Photos containing nudity, children or animals depicted in a derogatory or dangerous position WILL NOT be accepted.

iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical staff reserves the right to refuse ANY contest entry which is deemed unacceptable. Examples of stories/photos we would consider removing without warning are:

  • Stories/Photos that showcase dubious taste or themes.
  • Stories/Photos involving racial or ethnic insensitivities.
  • Stories/Photos involving salacious subjects and presentations.
  • Stories/Photos that are unrelated to the theme of the “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway

iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical will reserve the rights to change or modify all text associated with a story or photo entered into the contest.

Prizes and Other Stuff: The “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway grand-prize winner will receive free Cure Medical catheters for a year courtesy of At Home Medical. No cash value or substitutions of the grand prize will be awarded in lieu of the catheters to the chosen winner.

The winner will be announced August 24, 2016. Winner will be informed via email, and prizes will be released within two weeks of announcement.

This contest is void where prohibited by law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regard to giveaway contests and are subject to any local, state, national or international laws. iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical accept no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations. Contest winner agrees to provide the name and telephone of their physician in order for a prescription to be obtained. Winner will not receive prize until prescription is on file with At Home Medical.

Due to the nature of this contest, mail-in submissions will not be accepted.

Please ensure your information is completed accurately. iPush, At Home Medical and Cure Medical will not be responsible for contest entries that are mislabeled, misaddressed, electronically lost in transmit, or never received.

Deadline: Submissions for the contest will be accepted between -----, 2016. Winners will be officially announced on the iPush website and social media pages.

Judging: “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway is selected randomly by a committee of representatives from iPush Foundation, At Home Medical and Cure Medical. Giveaway entries are chosen with no discrimination towards sex, race, or age. All decisions are final.

iPush Foundation, At Home Medical and Cure Medical Rights and Indemnifications: By entering the contest the participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless iPush Foundation, At Home Medical and Cure Medical, its affiliates, employees, and officers from any issues, losses, or actions emanating from or in relation to the “Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway. This would include any losses or issues related to third party claims of copyright infringement or violations of personal privacy.

“Free Catheters for a Year” giveaway is void where prohibited by law.

Each participant in the contest is responsible for ensuring that he or she possesses the full rights to the information and/or photos that they are submitting. Each participant is responsible for accurately titling and describing his or her story and photos.

iPush Foundation, At Home Medical and Cure Medical has, at its sole discretion, reserved the right to terminate, suspend, or modify the contest.

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