catheter-bag-stand,Belly Bag, Latex-Free Leg Bag With Secure Glide Drainage Valve, Vented Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack, Latex-Free Urinary Extension Tube, Sterile, Latex-Free, Clear Tube and Connector Kit
catheter-bag-stand,Belly Bag, Latex-Free Leg Bag With Secure Glide Drainage Valve, Vented Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack, Latex-Free Urinary Extension Tube, Sterile, Latex-Free, Clear Tube and Connector Kit
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The Belly Bag by Rusch improves dignity, mobility and quality of life by having the bag worn at the abdominal area. Fastening around the waist by means of a woven belt with a quick release buckle makes it suitable for male or female use 24 hours per day. It is designed to be used with foley or suprapubic catheter (Not for use with External Male Catheter). Eliminates the problems associated with leg and bedside bags including inadvertent catheter extraction and leg bruising.0.8780617

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(19 reviews)

Rochester Medical Urinary Leg Bags are intended for use with male external catheters, Foley catheters and most other urinary catheters. These Urinary Leg Bags are constructed with high quality welded vinyl seams and an anti-reflux flutter valve. They are latex-free and the easy to operate Secure Glide drainage valve provides security and discreet urine management. Leg bag only, straps in photo not included, must buy separately.  See detail page for this item to purchase both leg bag and straps at same time.0.7043612

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The Hollister Vented Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack is available in medium and large sizes.  It includes a pair of medium (23"  long x 1-1/8" wide) fabric leg bag straps,  Latex-Free, kink-resistant extension tubing with vacuum relief valve(18" long, oval, 11/32" effective inside diameter) and a vented urinary leg bag with sterile fluid pathway.  This bag improves the flow by eliminating the 'vacuum effect' created by high flow rates in the catheter and tubing.  Quality materials result in soft, comfortable, durable bags and pleats provide a discreet profile.  The wide, woven fabric straps are comfortable and stay in place.  Safely and easily conducts urine through its drain valve which is easy to open and closes securely even with limited dexterity.  Protected buttons on the bags significantly decrease  the risk of pressure points.  Anti-reflux valve prevents urine back flow into the tubing. 0.6793056

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This latex-free 18" long clear Latex Free Silicone extension tubing is designed for connecting a male external catheter or Foley catheter to a drainage bag.0.626626

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(3 reviews)

The Coloplast-Mentor extension tubing is 18 inches long and is ideal for connecting catheters to leg bags. The tubing kits come with a connector and is made out of a latex-free vinyl material.0.5509185

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(1 review)

The Catheter Insertion Kit includes a nonstaining BZK wipe, one packet of lubricating jelly, one pair of ambidextrous vinyl gloves, a collection bag and an underpad.0.4769033

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(1 review)

Security+ Extra Large Leg Bag/Bed Bag with anti-reflux valve, volume markings and soft cloth backing. Secure, user-friendly closure. Latex-Free. Two bags in one, the Conveen Extra Large Leg Bag/Drainage Bag can be used as a large capacity leg bag during the day and as a bedside bag at night for optimum flexibility. 0.4644426

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(1 review)

The Bard Medical Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag has a Swivel Hanger with Flexible Hook, holds up to 2000 mL is Sterile and Latex-free. The drainage bag has a anti-reflux drip chamber to help prevent urine reflux. It has easy to drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder.0.4174142

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Wide, high quality strap results in patient comfort; Straps are machine washable and reusable. Prevents skin damage due to slippage of straps against skin; Non-slip, non-latex rib is woven into the wide straps. Easy to apply plastic belt tabs connect readily to buttons on the leg bag yet hold the bag securely in place. 0.3955328

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(1 review)

One size fits all, 3/4" wide elastic fabric with button closure designed to hold leg bag securely in place.0.3933901

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(1 review)

Flexicare's discreet leg bag is contoured to fit the anatomy better, has a neutral color and text that is harder to see through clothing. This allows the user to wear a wider range of clothes without compromising on lifestyle choices. This is a 750ml (26 oz) leg bag kit that contains leg straps and a 24 inch extension tubing.0.3894504

Starting At: $4.20
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Reusable latex leg bags, seemless, includes the silicone anti-rflux valve.  A durable, seamless, latex body features twist-type opening, 1 standard top adaptor, 3 latex leg straps.0.3758933

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(2 reviews)

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