drip-pads-retracted-penis,Manhood Pouch Drip Collector, Prevail Bladder Control Pads, Prevail Male Guards, Prevail Bladder Pant Liners, Guards for Men
drip-pads-retracted-penis,Manhood Pouch Drip Collector, Prevail Bladder Control Pads, Prevail Male Guards, Prevail Bladder Pant Liners, Guards for Men
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Discreetly manages the moderate dribbling incontinence for men with prostate issues. Compact, super-absorbent pocket holds up to 8 oz. of fluid. Attaches to underwear with a wide adhesive band. Invisible and discreetly rustle-free under clothing. Unique material absorbs odors, ensuring complete peace of mind.1.28237

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(4 reviews)

Countour body-shapped with full-length adhesive strip for secure anchoring. Designed for stress and urge incontinence conditions. Breathable, cloth-like outer fabric.0.262125

Starting At: $4.99
(1 review)

Body-shaped pad inserts promote patient dignity. Designed specifically to fit the male anatomy. Features soft side leakage barriers. Complete full-length adhesive strip for secure anchoring. Designed for light-to-moderate stress and urge incontinence conditions.0.1966077

Starting At: $8.49
(2 reviews)

Pant liners are contour-body-shaped with an ultra-absorbent core and full-length adhesive strip to provide the most comfortable fit, secure anchoring to underwear and excellent skin care. For heavy-to-light loss of bladder control. Breathable, cloth-like outer fabric.0.1966077

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(1 review)

Anatomically designed for men with light incontinence - potentially as a result of prostate problems, cancer or surgery. Unique, anatomical form-fitting shape and thin design for comfort and fit. 0.1966077

Starting At: $11.45
(0 reviews)

The Pop-On External Catheter by Rochester Medical is an all-silicone self-adhesive male external catheter and is specially designed for the special needs of men.  The unique 1.5-inch sheath with a forward-placement adhesive band will work for men with a short or retracted penis.  It may also be preferred when a longer sheath is not desired or when users may benefit from a different adhesive location on their skin. The Pop-On catheter is shorter without a reduction in adhesive area. This breathable, soft catheter is latex-free, reducing the potential for skin irritation. The clear silicone permits a visual inspection of the skin without removing the catheter.  0.170354

Starting At: $1.39
(10 reviews)

The Cunningham Penile Clamp is an effective device to help control male urinary incontinence. This simple male incontinence product/device has helped thousands of men cope with the dribbling and incontinent side effects secondary to prostate cancer, stroke, and other urinary problems.0.1502562

Starting At: $40.56
(2 reviews)

The Salk Sani-Pant Moisture Proof Pull-on Cover Ups are for men and women. They are designed to hold absorbent pads, panties or diapers. They are made of soft, white plastic-coated nylon. These are lightweight yet strong and will not tear. This is a reusable cover up.0.07150177

Starting At: $14.25
(0 reviews)

Convenient, large volume (2000ml) collector can be used with most conduction devices in either hospital or home. Easy to use; secures to bed rails by integral bed hangers; Easy to use drain valve that requires minimal dexterity. Safely, securely attaches to most conduction devices; non-reflux valve and drip chamber eliminates urine migration. 0.0697151

Starting At: $4.58
(1 review)

The Bard Medical Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag has a Swivel Hanger with Flexible Hook, holds up to 2000 mL is Sterile and Latex-free. The drainage bag has a anti-reflux drip chamber to help prevent urine reflux. It has easy to drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder.0.0697151

Starting At: $2.99
(17 reviews)

The Bard Closed System Urinary Drainage Bag is sterile with sample port and an anti-reflux drip chamber to help prevent urine reflux. It has easy to drain outlet tube with clamp and tube holder. It also has a swivel hanger with flexible hook to secure the bag to a bed or wheelchair.0.0697151

Starting At: $5.75
(9 reviews)

The Coloplast-Mentor Freedom Clear SS - Sport Sheath - offers a thin, brief silicone sheath for less roll ring at the base of the penis.  It is a good choice for individuals with penis retractions.   This catheter has a kink-resistant nozzle designed to eliminate catheter blow-offs.  It is a 100% latex-free, self-adhering, one piece catheter with an ultra-thin sheath designed for everyday wear.  It applies simply by rolling on, no need to apply adhesive tapes.  The silicone eliminates skin irriation due to latex sensitivity and provides constant skin visibility.0.05108998

Starting At: $1.39
(3 reviews)

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