speedi-cath-compact,Self-Cath Closed System Kit, Instant Cath Deluxe - Closed System Kit, SpeediCath Compact (Female Only), SpeediCath Compact Set (for both Males and Females), Apogee Closed System IC Kit
speedi-cath-compact,Self-Cath Closed System Kit, Instant Cath Deluxe - Closed System Kit, SpeediCath Compact (Female Only), SpeediCath Compact Set (for both Males and Females), Apogee Closed System IC Kit
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The Self-Cath Closed System (16" long) is a latex-free unisex system that provides a method for safe, simple catheterization designed to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.  The system includes a Self-Cath straight-tip prelubricated catheter and 1100 cc collection bag with introducer tip.  The new EasyOff tear tab makes it easy to use, even for patients with limited dexterity.  Kit also contains: Gloves,  Povodine-Iodine swabsticks, underpad, and instructions for use. 0.3165831

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Closed system catheterkit  by MTG is the easiest closed system intermittent cather on the market.   It has a soft silicone introducer tip to reduce the risk of UTI along with polished eyelets and a smooth tip for comfort.  The controlled, unvarying quantity of lubricant on the catheter surface ensures consistency. To greatly enhance ease of use, each MTG Instant Cath Deluxe-Kit catheter includes the added benefit of the patented EZ-Advancer valve.   To empty the 1500 cc bag you just pull the catheter all the way out and pour the contents out through the opening.  No more mess of tearing the bag open.  The bag has smooth soft edges for less irritation.  The kit is available with BZK, underpad, vinyl gloves, and gauze.0.3118088

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Speedicath Compact is the world's smallest, most discreet ready-to-use hydrophilic coated catheter available.  Only 2 3/4" in length, no larger than a lipstick.  Sterile, easy to carry, store, and use, no need to carry or find water. Compact and discreet. Fast, no need to wait for catheter to hydrate.0.2924731

Starting At: $2.19
(3 reviews)

The Speedicath Compact Set  is the only compact and discreet catheter and bag solution for simpler everyday catheterization. The SpeediCath Compact Set integrates catheter and bag in a single, self-contained unit that looks nothing like a regular set. And because the coated catheter is stored in saline solution, it’s ready to use. Lastly, the discreet design means it’s also small enough to keep in a pocket or handbag. The Compact Set is available in both Male and Female Sizes0.2717144

Starting At: $6.35
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The Apogee Closed System Intermittent Catheter Kit male (16" long) and female (6" long) is pre-lubricated and has ultra-smooth eyelets that help minimize urethral trauma.  It also has a protective or introducer tip that bypasses the first 15mm of the distal urethra to help minimize the risk of urinary tract infections or UTI's. Urine empties into the 1500 ml collection bag and can then be emptied into a toilet or urinal.  Sterile and latex free.  Some sizes come in both soft and firm.  Kit contains gloves, underpad drape, gauze and PVP swabsticks. 0.2297283

Starting At: $4.24
(1 review)

The Advance Plus intermittent catheter kit (16" long) by Hollister is a closed system with an integrated gel reservoir, eliminating the need for additional lubrication.  Urine empties into a collection pouch and can then be emptied into a toilet or urinal. The kit contains gloves, underpad drape and Benzalkonium Chloride swabsticks. This catheter comes in both straight and coude tip.0.2297283

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Closed System Catheter with Supplies by Cure Medical.  The Cure Medical Cure Catheter Closed System is DEHP and latex free. These sterile, single use catheters feature smooth fire polished eyelets, straight tips, and funnel ends. Supplies include: gloves, underpad, PVP and gauze. 0.2297283

Starting At: $3.89
(2 reviews)

The Coloplast-Mentor Freedom Cath is a self-adhering, one-piece latex catheter for secure everday use. Combines a comfortable latex sheath with a wide, watertight adhesive seal.  The Freedom Cath is applied simply by rolling it on.  No need to apply adhesive tapes.0.1518534

Starting At: $1.42
(8 reviews)

The Active Cath by Coloplast-Mentor is a self-adhering, one-piece latex catheter for active men who want extended wear.  It combines a shortened latex sheath with a wide, watertight adhesive seal.  0.1363324

Starting At: $1.60
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Bard Clean Cath Male (16" long) has a smooth, round tip easy for insertion. It is 100% latex-free; individually packaged in easy-to-open, peel-strip package. Sterile, single-use intermittent catheter with connector end.0.1332884

Starting At: $0.74
(7 reviews)

The Self-Cath Plus (16" long) has a hydrophilic coating that activates immediately upon exposure to water - for fast, clean lubrication and maximum ease of use. The Self-Cath Plus has a unique, uncoated GripZone area for total control in handling. The 100% latex-free Self-Cath Soft catheter has a funnel end, and is 100% latex-free, sterile with fire-polished eyelets.  It is soft for comfort, yet firmer than red rubber for easy insertion.0.1080502

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Mentor Self-Cath Straight Tip with funnel end, 16" long, 100% latex-free, sterile with fire-polished eyelets and a siliconized surface for smooth insertion.  Colopast packages this catheter in straight and curved packaging.0.102957

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