Incontinence Brand Spotlight: Attends Healthcare Products

Attends Value Tier Breathable Briefs
We’re helping take some of the mystery out of trying new incontinence products by putting the spotlight on some of the brands we offer. In today’s post, we’re covering Attends, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of adult incontinence products. Attends has been around for over 30 years, and is a pioneer in the incontinence industry. If briefs and disposable underwear are a part of your bowel/bladder management routine, then Attends make products that suit your needs. We carry Attends because it’s a brand known for being affordable and consistently high-quality. Here’s a breakdown of our selection.


Youth Briefs

Made for adolescents and people with petite builds, Attends Youth Briefs offer comfort and are suitable for heavy incontinence.

Value Tier Breathable Briefs

Attends Value Tier Breathable Briefs are a great option for those looking for the right balance of comfort and price. If skin comfort is a major concern, both the inner lining and outer coating are made of a cloth-like material, so they can help prevent irritation.

Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs

These contain many of the same features of the Value Tier Breathable Briefs, but with some added features. The tabs are extra wide, soft, and flexible so they can fit more exactly and prevent leakage.

Disposable Underwear

Super Plus Absorbency Underwear

Made of breathable material that promotes air flow, these protective underwear combine absorbency and discretion. The cloth-like material on the outside is quiet and stretches for comfort.


Guards for Men

These small pads are designed for men with light incontinence. They’re good for recovering after surgery, dealing with prostate issues, or complications caused by cancer.

Disposable Underpads

Attends Night Preserver Underpads

Underpads can protect bedding and other furniture from accidents. We sell two different sizes to accommodate your needs.



These cloths are soaked in a soothing mixture of aloe, vitamin E and chamomile, all of which nourish delicate skin. They’re alcohol-free and PH-balanced to reduce irritation. Do you use Attends products? Share a review on our site!