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External Condom Catheter Accessories

Finding the best type of external condom catheter accessories is an essential element for living well with an external condom catheter. Users of an external condom catheter appreciate the convenience and freedom that this urological supply gives them. However, because of the nature of this catheter, external condom catheter accessories are in constant demand.

At Home Medical is pleased to offer external condom catheter accessories to our shoppers. We know that your choice for external condom catheter accessories is a personal one. For any product questions about external condom catheter accessories, the At Home Medical customer care team is ready to assist and provide a wealth of knowledge about your needs. We’re here to help - give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.

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Posey Incontinent Sheath Holder Posey Incontinent Sheath Holder

The Posey Sheath Holder ( 5" L x 1 1/4" W) is a simple and secure way to hold a urinary drainage sheath (external male catheter) in place. One size fits all. Sold individually and by the box (12 units/box).

Each Price - $1.95
Box Price -$22.20 (save 5%)

Our Price: $1.95
Dynarex Skincote Protective Skin Prep Wipes Dynarex Skincote Protective Prep Wipes

Dynarex Skincote Protective Prep Wipes are applied to skin with pre-moistened applicator (wipe). The provide protective coating on the skin which helps when removing and changing external catheters, ostomy skin barriers, and other appliances. They aid in keeping skin free of irritation; adhesive or appliance adheres to Skincote dressing, not the skin.

Box Price - $5.49

Our Price: $5.49
smith-and-nephew-skin-prep-protective-barrier-wipes at home medical Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep Protective Barrier Wipes

Skin-Prep Protective Wipes by Smith & Nephew form a protective film that prepares the skin for the attachment of drainage tubes, external catheters, and adhesive dressings. It can also be used around ostomy sites.

Box Price - $9.85

Our Price: $9.85
Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier

Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier is a clear film that forms a breathable barrier protecting against skin irritants such as adhesives, urine and feces. No need to remove between applications. Latex-Free. Box/54

Our Price: $18.05
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