Lubricating Jelly


Lubricating jelly has many important medical uses – from insertion of intermittent catheters to rectal thermometers, and its purpose is to improve viscosity and reduce friction. Lubricants are a blend of natural water-soluble gums that provide instant lubrication and are non-staining, greaseless, and will not affect instruments, rubber, or plastics.

At Home Medical is pleased to offer lubricating jelly in a variety of products – from sterile lubricating jelly packets to bacteriostatic lubricating jelly, and come in different, discrete sizes from lubricating jelly with flip top caps, to small lube packets (commonly referred to as three gram lubricating jelly).

For any product questions about lubricating jelly or any other products, the At Home Medical customer care team is ready to assist and provide a wealth of knowledge about your needs. We’re here to help – give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.