It all started 1948. For more than three decades our company was diversified with different license products for healthcare business. In the early eighties we decided on a new strategy – to focus on developing and marketing our own products, rather than being a distributor for license products. In the early 80’s, indwelling catheters were the most common solution for people unable to empty their bladders the natural way. For the user, this was a painful and time-consuming process that often led to complications such as urinary tract infections etc. There was certainly a need for something better. A hydrophilic coating for catheters was developed in-house and a number of applications were evaluated. The aim was to create a single-use urinary catheter that had minimal friction during the entire process of catheterization. After a period of hectic product development, a full-scale coating machine was ordered, and we moved to new premises to make room for the new production. In August 1983, LoFric® was ready for launch. CIC was introduced in the sixties, but with LoFric the therapy grew rapidly and was implemented country by country. Soon after the introduction, improvements were made and the new LoFric with Urotonic™ Surface Technology was launched in January 1986. Ever since, LoFric has been a true success story. Today LoFric has been on the market for more than 30 years and undergone continuous development and innovation processes, making it an even better choice for people in need of intermittent catheterization. Countless users can testify that LoFric catheters slide in and out of the urethra in a smooth and frictionless way guaranteeing a safe and comfortable catheterization over time. This also goes hand in hand with our company vision – that we passionately strive to make a real difference every day to everyone who needs our products and services. Therefore, it is with pride that we say that a LoFric is the second best way to pee!