Foley Irrigation Trays and Syringes

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Common post-surgery equipment can include Irrigation trays and syringes, which medical staff can recommend for at-home care. Irrigation trays and syringes can also be used with urinary catheters as part of an irrigation or aspiration regimen. Sometimes called “foley irrigation”, these kits can include different syringes – but the two most popular type are the piston syringe, and the bulb type. Both syringes in the irrigation tray provide the essentials needed for self-catheterization irrigation. Our popular Rusch irrigation tray kit comes with a bulb syringe and also includes a waterproof drape, sterile wipe, lubricant, and collection tray.

For comments or concerns about which irrigation tray or irrigation syringe to purchase, contact our customer care team at 1-800-526-5895 for help with selecting the right product for your needs.