Closed System Catheters with Insertion Supplies

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Closed system catheters are excellent for people on the move or just looking for general ease-of-use in their intermittent catheters. However, it’s important to know that a “closed system” catheter does not include the self-insertion medical catheter supplies needed for a sterile insertion. The good news is: We’ve got you covered with our extensive inventory of self-catheterization supplies.

What Self-Insertion Medical Catheter Supplies Do I Need?

The self-insertion medical catheter supplies for a closed system intermittent catheter are relatively simple, and if you have inserted a catheter yourself at home before, you likely have these items stocked up. If not, we have plenty to choose from in our store above!

The basics of the self-insertion medical catheter supplies include:

  • Gloves – to maintain a sterilized barrier between the hands and the catheter equipment.
  • Underpads – to provide a clean place to set your self-insertion medical catheter supplies down.
  • BZK Antiseptic Towelettes or “BZK wipes” – to cleanse and sterilize the hands and areas of insertion.
  • Providone-Iodine Swabsticks / Wipes – to further sterilize the insertion area.
  • Additional Lubrication – to provide extra lubrication if necessary.

While some of the above items aren’t explicitly necessary and self-catheterization is possible without them, the risk for contamination and a urinary tract or other infection is far greater without this protective equipment.

On the other hand, say you stocked up on protective gloves a while back and have more than you could likely use. In this case, we have modified kits available without gloves, additional lubrication jelly, or other self-insertion catheter supplies, so you can get what you need without being wasteful. 

All of Your Self-Insertion Medical Catheter Supplies at the Click of a Button

Through our products and services, we are humbled to have helped thousands of families and individuals regain confidence by increasing autonomy over their bladder. Not only do we have a wide variety of closed system catheters with insertion supplies, we also sell our intermittent catheters and other medical catheter supplies individually, so you can shop based on your current needs and budget. 

Take a look around our shop, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you have any questions on any of our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email our customer service department for assistance. Phone: 800.526.5895 Email: