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    Dynarex BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
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    Dynarex Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads
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    Dynarex Flush Away Flushable Wipes
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    As a dedicated medical supply company, Dynarex promises to always go far beyond the traditional supplier/customer relationship. To successfully manufacture their high standard products, they focus on three things: clinical equivalence, logistics, and market readiness. With six regional warehouses spread across the U.S., their location space is committed to stocking and shipping thousands of products daily.

    The Dynarex community stands by their motto of “We care like family.” Specifically, they believe their customers should never have obstacles to get health care supplies they need in order to lead life successfully and fully.

    Why are Dynarex medical supplies for me?

    A full line of disposable medical supplies is available with Dynarex. It’s important to find a reliable and high-quality medical supply company with a wide range of products. Remember, incontinence and other urology issues could affect other parts of your daily life and routine, but they don’t have to.

    Dynarex has you covered with all possible medical accessories you need to live fully and without embarrassment of personal ostomy issues. Having the proper catheter accessories aids in preventing infection and further health issues.

    • Intermittent catheters
    • Insertion trays
    • Alcohol prep towelettes
    • Liners
    • Drainage pouches
    • Wound care
    • Tape and gauze
    • Bandages
    • Lubricating jelly
    • Gloves
    • Syringes
    • Swab sticks
    • Catheter holders
    • Dressing pads
    • Creams and ointments
    • Washcloths

    Equally important are the wide range of markets that Dynarex serves. For example, Dynarex is a medical supply company that also manufactures products for schools, vet offices, sports centers, dialysis, and long-term care. Therefore, they have vast knowledge and experience with customers and clients of all walks of life with a variety of health needs.

    Continence and ostomy can affect other parts of the body, and become more complicated when a patient has multiple heath concerns. All Dynarex products are focused on the individual’s quality of life, not just about short-term fixes. Likewise, infection in every area of the healthcare industry because it is directly linked to mortality rates. As a result, infection causes healthcare costs to go up. Thankfully, Dynarex’s line of Disposable Medical Products (DMP) constantly revamps and grows according to socially responsible business practices and regulations.

    How is Dynarex medical brand special?

    Full patient care is what you get when you buy the Dynarex brand. Through a specific set of trusted quality assurance principles, Dynarex Corporation has been able to continuously make their products better along with modernity.

    • Training for all employees
    • Yearly defined objectives
    • Meeting all national and international regulation product requirements
    • Continual performance measurement
    • Quality management system effectiveness improvement
    • Supplier processes reviewed

    At Home Medical is proud to offer a wide range of intermittent catheters for a variety of lifestyles. View our malefemale and pediatric products. In addition to our catheters, we also offer our customers high-quality self-catheter supplies to make self-catheterization as quick, clean and simple as possible.

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