Male Intermittent Catheters

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We offer an extensive variety of intermittent catheter supplies, especially for those seeking a catheter for men. Not all catheters are built the same, and a catheter for men is designed specifically with those unique needs in mind. As you browse, consider which intermittent catheter is right for you.

When you’re looking for a catheter for men, discretion is of course a driving factor. Then, of course, there’s the length to consider. All of these factors are important to consider when looking for an intermittent catheter.

Why Might I Need a Catheter for Men?

Your doctor may have suggested a catheter for men for several reasons, whether the root of incontinence comes from problems with urinary retention, incontinence, or severe bladder problems that could result in kidney damage if not properly addressed. It’s also common to require an intermittent catheter if you’ve had major surgery or condition that disrupted your urinary flow, such as prostate cancer, spinal cord injury and/or paralysis.

Regardless of the cause, intermittent catheters are designed to provide users with the independence to insert the catheter themselves and the simplicity to do so easily. As intermittent catheters are only inserted when the bladder is full, it’s natural to have a learning curve before getting the system down perfectly. For example, learning how to measure and track the amount of liquid you consume and then understanding how long your bladder takes to fill before leakage occurs can be tricky to manage. 

Having sterile sanitizing self-catheter supplies – like cleansers, hand sanitizers, gloves, disinfectant wipes – ready to go with your intermittent catheter and bag make the world of difference in your catheter care and procedures. Soon, you’ll be feeling confident and in control of your bladder once more. 

What Makes a Catheter for Men Different?

The male intermittent catheters are much longer than the female versions, as the distance to the male urethra is far greater. With more real estate to cover comes the need for greater flexibility – cue the image of a 16+” catheter tube, and of course when you have more tube to work with, it can get in the way. The right self-catheter supplies will help you maintain your intermittent catheter easier and more discreetly through compact designs that work in real life situations. 

At Home Medical’s purpose is to help our customers realize a life of independence and quality they have been missing. By providing all you need in terms of self-catheter supplies, in addition to other medical supply needs, we remain committed to helping our customers find autonomy and self-confidence in their new world of independence.

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