Adult Briefs

Adult briefs and protective underwear are designed to provide full incontinence protection and offer users an easy off and easy on solution, and can be worn discreetly and unobtrusively. Many users prefer the security and comfort of adult briefs and protective underwear, because of their disposability and ease of use.

Most adult protective underwear or briefs come in a velcro-like tab or tape-on configuration, and feature a waterproof backing with either a plastic or poly material, or a softer, non-woven material.

The key to wearing adult briefs or protective underwear is having them properly fitted – they should be small enough so that they aren’t obvious in clothing, but large enough to absorb. Wearing protective underwear that are too absorbent can be uncomfortable to wear when the underwear or brief becomes wet. The best option for a higher quality of lifestyle is to wear a properly fitted protective underwear or brief, with the proper absorption, that can be worn discreetly, even when wet.

There are a lot of choices for adult briefs & protective underwear. That’s why At Home Medical carries brands such as Attends, Kendall Covidien, First Quality, and more – and our customer care team is ready to help you find the proper fit and absorption. Give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.