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Leg Bag Straps

Leg bag straps are an important leg bag accessory, and getting a comfortable leg bag strap can help make urinary incontinence more manageable.

Proper leg bag straps help to eliminate bruising, pressure sores, pulled hair, and problems with circulation restrictions. In addition to the proper fit, leg bag straps help distribute pressure evenly along the length of the leg bag strap to reduce pinching and bunching. Of course, leg bag straps come in a variety of sizes to fit just right, and are always fully adjustable. Available in reusable and disposable, non-latex and latex, there are a variety of styles and closure systems including velcro and buttons.

For comments or concerns about which leg bag strap to purchase or any other urological incontinence supplies, contact our customer care team at 1-800-526-5895 for help with selecting the right product for your needs.

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Bard Latex Leg Bag Straps Bard Latex Leg Bag Straps

Bard Latex leg straps are comfortable when worn. Skin irritation is minimal. These straps are reusable and non-sterile. Bard Latex Leg Straps are comfortable to wear and minimize skin irritation. Economical and reusable. Each strap is 22" in length and 1" wide. Contains Latex

Each - $0.85

Our Price: $0.85
Bard Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps Bard Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps

BARD provides a wide assortment of accessories including fabric leg straps. Each pair is 24" in length and 3/4" wide. Latex-Free.

Each Pair - $3.39

Our Price: $3.39
Hollister Fabric Leg Bag Straps At Home Medical Hollister Fabric Leg Bag Straps

Wide, high quality strap results in patient comfort; Straps are machine washable and reusable. Prevents skin damage due to slippage of straps against skin; Non-slip, non-latex rib is woven into the wide straps. Easy to apply plastic belt tabs connect readily to buttons on the leg bag yet hold the bag securely in place. Sold as individual pair or by the box (10 pairs/box).

Prices may vary by size
Each Price - $4.26
Box Price - $42.00

Our Price: $4.26
Coloplast Security+ Fabric Leg Bag Straps At Home Medical Coloplast Security+ Fabric Leg Bag Straps

Non-latex, soft, elastic fabric straps (pair) are reusable. Sold individually and by the box (10 units/box).

Each Price - $5.95
Box Price - $57.50 (save 3%)

Our Price: $5.95
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