Convatec Ostomy Products


Convatec Is a leading developer of innovative products improving the lives of millions, and Convatec ostomy pouches are of the highest quality. Convatec provides high-end products to support individuals with ostomy products or wound needs.

Convatec ostomy pouches come in three varieties:

  • One Piece Convatec Ostomy Pouch System: In the one piece Convatec ostomy pouch system (ActiveLife and Esteem), the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are a single unit. Designed for discretion, this ostomy pouch system offers simplicity and flexibility in a low-profile system.
  • Two Piece Convatec Ostomy Pouch System: The two piece Convatec ostomy pouch system (SUR-FIT Natura) has the ostomy pouch and skin barrier as two separate pieces, which allow you to change the ostomy pouch without removing the skin barrier. With the two piece ostomy pouch system, the pouch and skin barrier are coupled together with a plastic ring.
  • Adhesive Coupling Convatec Ostomy Pouch System: The adhesive coupling Convatec ostomy pouch system (Esteem Synergy) features the ostomy pouch and skin barrier coupled together with a foam adhesive ring and a “landing zone”, eliminating the need for rigid plastic coupling rings found in the traditional two piece ostomy pouch system. The foam coupling is more flexible than traditional systems, and also has a lower profile under clothing.

If you have any questions about any Convatec ostomy pouch, or any other ostomy product, the customer care team is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.