Enemeez Mini Enema

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Enemeez 5cc single use mini enema is designed to relieve occasional constipation, normally within 2 to 5 minutes. The active ingredient is 283mg of docusate sodium, inactive ingredient is a medicinal soft soap base of Polyethylene Glycol and Glycerine. Enemeez mini enema is employed for the relief of constipation due to infrequent or difficult bowel movements. Enemeez penetrates and softens the stool, thereby promoting bowel movement. It is indicated for dyschezia, lesions of the anus that make defecation painful, impaction associated with megacolon, anal fissure, and postoperative anal atresia. Enemeez has been employed successfully in bedridden patients and those patients with decreased mobility in a patient group from child to adult. Enemeez has also been used with acute rehabilitation patients with such diagnoses as spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, fractures, joint replacements, and closed head injuries. In bowel management programs Enemeez helps establish a more predictable bowel routine along with reducing the likelihood of bowel accidents and incontinence.

Each Price – $3.99
Container Price – $79.95  (30 units/Container)

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Enemeez is to be used as an enema. This is not a suppository. Do not take orally. Administering the mini enema: Twist off and remove tip. Place water or a few drops of the product on the shaft of the tube to lubricate prior to insertion. It is recommended that lubricant be applied to the anus before inserting the enema. With steady pressure, gently insert the enema into the rectum with care to prevent damage to the rectal wall. Squeeze to empty the contents. Keep the tube squeezed until it is removed from the rectum. After the contents have been emptied, remove the disposable tube and discard. A small amount of liquid may remain in the unit after use.

For best results, lay on left side with knees bent. Second Position: Kneel, then lower head and chest forward until side of face is resting on the surface.

California residents see : Prop 65 WARNINGS