HR Lubricating Jelly 3g One Shot Packets

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HR lubricating jelly 3 gram one shot® is sterile and dramatically changes the way lubricant is delivered in a single use, small dose format. It is designed to improve application, minimize waste, and significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination. Latex-Free. Water soluble for quick, easy clean-up. Non-irritating & hypoallergenic.

Box Price – $14.95 (144 Packets/Box)

Product Code: FG020536-


  • HR Lubricating Jelly is bacteriostatic ensuring more protection from additional risks of infection to patients.
  • HR Lubricating Jelly is Chlorhexidine free – Surgilube® contains Chlorhexidine, a bacteriostatic that kills micro-flora, which can expose a weak immune system to secondary/opportunistic infections. HR® Lubricating Jelly uses other bacteriostatic options in its protocol for manufacturing.
  • HR has consistently delivered superior quality to medical professionals and consumers for over 80 years. The use of HR was instrumental in the development of the Pap test, the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, and ultrasound technology. There has never been an FDA recall on HR Jelly. You can trust the medical device integrity of HR.
  • HR Lubricating Jelly is sterile until the packaging seal is broken. This extra step is taken during the manufacturing process to prevent cross-contamination and keep patients safe and healthy.
  • HR Lubricating Jelly is manufactured in the United States under the strict scrutiny of the FDA.
California residents see : Prop 65 WARNINGS