Gauze, Bandages, Sponges

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We carry a large assortment of medical gauze products offered in many sizes and forms, including sterile gauze, gauze pads, gauze bandages, and gauze sponges. Our medical gauze and sponge gauze products are perfect for your dressing needs including anything from basic wounds and general cleaning, to prepping and surgical applications.

Sterile gauze bandages, pads, and sponges are used for absorbing fluids for disposal as well as dressing and protecting wounds. Gauze acts as a physical barrier to prevent contaminants from entering any wound area that it covers. Sterile gauze can also be used to provide cushioning and protection for the wound site.

If you or a loved one needs sterile gauze pads, bandages, or sponges or have questions about any other wound care supplies or products, our customer care team is ready to take the time to discuss your needs to help select the right product. Give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.