UroCare® Male Urinal Systems


Male urinal systems are perfect for men with mobility disabilities, or medical issues such as prostate surgery or stroke recovery. Most male urinal systems are designed to replace disposable underpads and protective under wear and improve comfort with an easy to use system without the need for messy and complicated adhesives.

Body-worn male urinal systems have the advantage of being virtually unnoticeable under clothing The sheath empties into a leg-worn collection bag, and you may be able to go for many hours without having to empty the collection bag, and have no odor or catheters. This saves time and money while promoting dignity and independence.

Bedside male urinal systems work similarly, as the sheath empties into a bedside collection bag. Having this can greatly reduce trips to the restroom, which can be small and difficult when assistance isn’t readily available, and greatly reduce falls, odor, spills, caregiver workload, or the need for adult briefs.

We understand that every situation is unique, and that there are questions about a product’s usability or discretion. That is why the At Home Medical customer care team is knowledgeable about UroCare male urinal systems, and many other products. Give us a call at 1-800-526-5895.