Your medical catheter supplies should always be top of the line, sterile, of course, and exactly what your body needs. Whether you have an allergy to lubricant commonly used in other catheters or simply prefer of a more saline- / water-based solution, hydrophilic catheters are just the solution to better bladder control.

Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

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What Are ‘Hydrophilic Catheters’?

A nice alternative to the lubricated catheters, hydrophilic intermittent catheters add water or .9% sterile saline to allow for a quick and smooth insertion without the use of gel. With intermittent catheterization, and even with the best medical catheter supplies, individuals can still run the risk of incurring urethral micro trauma sometimes associated with lubricated catheters.

It’s also quite common to have an allergy to lubricants used in pre-lubricated intermittent catheters. Like other medical catheter supplies, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor when you are unsure about a certain product or device.

How Do They Work?

Ready for some science? Catheters that are considered “hydrophilic” are named such because of their polymer coating which absorbs water when submersed, then becoming slippery and easily inserted. Hydrophilic catheters also maintain that lubrication through the complete length of the urethra, ensuring comfort the whole time when properly inserted. This is an important aspect to consider when shopping for medical catheter supplies, as pre-lubricated catheters can lose lubrication during the insertion, causing micro-trauma to the urethral tissue, which can be painful and lead to a possible urinary tract infection (UTI).

Pre-lubricated catheters are great for on-the-go bladder control, and some types of hydrophilic catheters come already in the sterile saline solution for on-the-go bladder help as well. Although slightly messier, the hydrophilic catheter style is easy to manage and could decrease the risk for potential infection later on.

Hydrophilic Catheters and All Your Medical Catheter Supplies On the Go

The readiness appeal of a pre-lubricated intermittent catheter is not lost on anyone. Luckily, there are “ready to use” styles of hydrophilic catheters available, like SpeediCath. These catheters come already inserted into the solution packet, so you don’t have to break it and wait for complete lubrication.

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