As a fourth generation, family-owned company, Medline is America’s largest supplier of healthcare equipment and products. With offices and facilities around the world, they have been a leader in medical supplies since 1910. Medline has been working hard to meet the needs of health centers and homes, not only through their quality equipment, but through their work ethic and values.

How is Medline Special from other Medical Supply Brands?

They are a company who is constantly acclimating. Their ultimate goal is “to make healthcare run better.” Medline prides themselves on quickly adapting to not only the changes from the COVID-19 pandemic, but of the medical industry itself. The company continuously ensures its products and services will be available at the lowest cost possible with the highest quality and sustainable practices.

Preventing urology and ostomy infection and keeping costs low has been their focus. For example, catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are one of the most common urology and ostomy infections. Not only does a UTI cause discomfort, but it can delay being discharged from the hospital after surgery, and cause future complications or hospitalizations.

Through working with scientific leaders in hospitals nationwide, Medline developed effective and easy-to-adopt urological solutions. By combining extensive research, clinical thinking, and product and educational resources, Medline has mapped out CAUTI prevention goals and plans for customers and hospitals.

Why Should I Buy Medline Products?

With Medline, you’ll receive hospital-quality products right in your home. Ultimately, it has been found that hospitals prefer Medline equipment and supplies over other well-known brands. Homecare agencies, acute care facilities, surgery centers, and more consider Medline the number one brand for medical supplies. Keeping the body free of discomfort, odor, and infection is their craft. This is why their products extend to much more than just intermittent catheters.

To highlight, Medline Remedy® products offer comprehensive skin care solutions. Support and protect your stoma. Take care of your body and a wide range of skin conditions. Remedy’s complete skincare regimen features non-sensitizing formulas by combining the most advanced skincare science with beneficial, mild botanicals. Medline Remedy® is the leading healthcare skincare line. Whether it’s after surgery or for your everyday routine, their Remedy line of lotions and cleansers will help you maintain a healthy skin barrier and reduce skin breakdown. All paraben and fragrance free, Medline Remedy® products are hypo-allergenic for your health and comfort.

In addition to skincare products, Medline has FitRight® line of quality wipes and undergarments for other personal healthcare needs. Plus, collection bags, under pads, prep pads, sanitizer, and more are also available.

At Home Medical offers an extensive range of intermittent catheters and other urology and ostomy supplies. Male, female and pediatric products are all available. We offer our individual customers and companies high-quality self-catheter supplies to make self-catheterization as quick, clean and simple as possible.

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