Your external catheter and supplies should always be comfortable and sterile. A wide variety of top-quality products for a wide variety of health conditions and needs is our goal. Our selection of external catheters is just the solution for your incontinence or other bladder control issues.

External Catheters

What Are ‘External Catheters’?

This type of catheter was at first, specifically designed for the male body. External catheters are known to be less invasive than internal ones, as they drain urine way in a clean and comfortable manner. In addition, external catheters are known to carry a lower risk of infection compared to indwelling catheters.

Made from a variety of materials, depending on what is most comfortable and safe to you, choices include natural latex rubber, PVC (vinyl), or silicone. As natural latex is a common allergen, many people choose PVC or silicone.

How Do They Work?

For men, it is a condom-type covering applied over the penis connected to a drainage bag to collect urine externally. Disposable external catheters are changed once every day or every two days (24-48 hours). If you or someone you care for prefers a reusable external catheter, this can be removed and washed, then reapplied.

The application of an external catheter can be challenging, therefore, finding one that fits your body type and health needs is key. Finding a quality external catheter is one that makes you as dry and comfortable as possible with complete and clean bladder drainage.

External Catheters and All Your Catheter Supplies On the Go

Our external catheter selection includes top brands such as Hollister ostomy supplies, the Cure Catheter®, Coloplast SpeediCath®, and much more. To start, Coloplast’s Freedom external catheter has a silicone sheath and an anti-kink reservoir. You can also choose a Freedom Cath® with an aloe adhesive made with 100% silicone. On a different level, you can choose a Bard Medical self-adhering external catheter, even one with a pop-on accessibility. This catheter comes with a built-in adhesive to minimize detachment. Coloplast’s SpeediCath® for women can fit in a small purse or bag. Just the same, SpeediCath® external catheter for men can fit snugly in the pocket.

Whether you are looking for a catheter with extra adhesive such as hydrocolloid, a shorter length, or other specific need, we have it here for you in a variety of sizes from all of the most well-known and respected brands in medical supplies.

At Home Medical is your source for high-quality medical catheter supplies, for male, female and pediatric needs. Find the self-catheterization solution that’s right for you and your body.

If you have questions on our medical catheter supplies and other products, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 800.526.5895 or email at to learn more and get better bladder control with better supplies, today!

External Catheters

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