Pediatric Intermittent Catheters

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Reduce accidents and give your child the gift of self-confidence and control over their own bodies with intermittent catheterization. Children who have difficulties emptying or controlling their bladder can experience a breath of relief with reliable pediatric intermittent catheters.

Minimize Mess and Resulting Complications with Intermittent Catheterization for Kids

Difficulties with leakage or emptying the bladder fully can be frustrating for anyone, but particularly so for young children. Whether your child lives with an existing condition that requires the help of intermittent catheterization or has experienced a spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis, intermittent catheterization can be a powerful tool to help boost confidence and minimize messes.

Odor and skin problems often occur as a result of frequent accidents. When the child is able to empty their bladder multiple times a day with the help of intermittent catheterization, they will experience fewer accidents throughout the day and avoid the resulting complications. Proper intermittent catheterization also limits the potential risk for urinary tract infections (UTI). Emptying the bladder regularly ensures urine doesn’t stay in the body too long, which can result in a UTI. The possibility for reflux is also minimized through intermittent catheterization, wherein the urine from the bladder goes back up into the kidneys and causes serious damage. 

Simple to Learn, Easy to Do with the Right Self-Catheter Supplies

It’s normal to feel nervous, for both parent and child, to venture into the self-catheterization sphere. However, once you – or your child once they are old enough – learn the steps, the process is simple! This process is made even easier when you have the right catheter supplies to get the job done. Pediatric intermittent catheters are made of a soft, flexible plastic material, and many brands come lubricated for a more comfortable intermittent catheterization. Having an ample supply of quality cleansing wipes, sanitizer, etc. will help keep everything sterile.

While you may start out helping your child with intermittent catheterization until you are both comfortable, the process is not difficult and easily learned. Once your child knows what to do, they can take over their own intermittent catheterization process and regain valuable self-confidence. Remember, you’re not alone! 

Parents across the country learn how to help their child regain control and autonomy over their bladder through the assistance of intermittent catheters. Intermittent catheterization for children is tough to start, but quick and easy to learn, and you will begin to see the difference in your child’s confidence.

The goal of At Home Medical is to provide our customers with the tools they need to live an active and happy lifestyle, full of confidence that comes from restored control over their bladder.

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