Intermittent catheters – male, female, and pediatric – all have a simple job – drain the bladder. Although, not all intermittent catheters are made the same and each is designed for different needs. Take a look through our products to find the right intermittent catheter for you.

Intermittent Catheters

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When your doctor says you should look into intermittent catheters, there’s a lot that goes into that research. With hundreds of different catheter types to choose from, understanding what you are looking for in an intermittent catheter is key to finding the right one.

How Are “Intermittent” Catheters Different from Suprapubic/Foley Catheters?

It’s important to note that intermittent catheters are designed for single use only and should be disposed of after use. The catheter is inserted each time the bladder gets full, and then the catheter has to be removed and the bag drained. As it must be removed, these catheters are designed for those who do not require continuous catheterization.

The procedure of “self-catheterization” or inserting and removing the catheter oneself must be repeated several times a day. This frequent exchange for a freshly sterile catheter reduces the risk of kidney and bladder infections, male infertility, urethral strictures among others. Being able to remove the intermittent catheter once the process is complete also prevents prolonged discomfort and allows users to have greater freedom of movement than long-term catheters.

Why Do I Need an Intermittent Catheter?

The reasons behind needing the help of an intermittent catheter vary from person to person. The main few being weak bladder muscles, urge incontinence (not feeling when you need to go), stress incontinence, and more. Different medical conditions can also prompt the need for an intermittent catheter, including strokes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, trauma, erectile disfunction, spinal cord injury and paralysis.

While the medical purpose behind intermittent catheters is clear, the mental health importance cannot be overlooked. Intermittent catheters give individuals the ability to control their bladder again, in a way that offers discretion. We are committed to providing our customers the means to a high-quality life, wherein their needs are met and their self-confidence is restored through regaining needed independence.

At Home Medical is proud to offer a wide range of intermittent catheters, including male, female, and pediatric products. In addition to our catheters, we also offer our customers high-quality self-catheter supplies to make self-catheterization as quick, clean and simple as possible.

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