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    MTG EZ-Gripper Closed System Catheter - Straight Tip - Male
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    MTG Hydrophilic Coated Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter - Female
    from $1.69
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    MTG Hydrophilic Coated Coude Tip Intermittent Catheter - Pediatric

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    MTG Jiffy Cath® Coudé Closed System Catheter Kit
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    MTG Cath-Lean Closed System Catheter Kit with Insertion Supplies - Straight Tip - Female
    from $0.68
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    MTG Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter - Pediatric

    from $2.05
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    MTG Hydrophilic Coated Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter - Pediatric

    Medical Technologies of Georgia (MTG) is a family-owned business and one of the most trusted brands of at-home intermittent catheters.Adult or child, and spanning a range of disability levels, MTG catheters will help you comfortably and independently drain your bladder at-home or on-the-go.

    Whether for you, or a loved one, look through our selection of high-quality MTG products to decide what is best for you.

    Catheters are designed for different needs. Therefore, doing your own research on the variety of choices will help you understand what is right for you. Healthy and safety is a top concern. Be sure to choose a catheter that will help you maintain or improve your quality of life.

    Why Are MTG Intermittent Catheters Special?

    MTG catheters have been the forerunner company of reducing UTI’s. First, MTG innovators identified primary sources of contamination such as pathogens that cause UTIs. Then, they created a way to bypass bacteria with closed catheter systems. This reduced the reduction of bladder infections, thereby reducing suffering and stress.

    Using a “protect and collect” method, MTG catheters reduce accidents and increased infection.

    Plus, their state-of-the-art line of products supports the difficulties that paraplegics, tetraplegics, and quadriplegics face. Clients with finger or hand dexterity loss can self-sufficiently take care of their personal needs not just at home, but at work, restaurants, and other public places.

    For example, slippage accidents can be prevented with MTG’s patented EZ Advancer®valve, which allows for the insertion tube to be held in place. Likewise, patients with minimal finger dexterity can opt for MTG’s EZ-Gripper®. No matter what you need, MTG most likely has a product for you.

    Why Do I Need an MTG Intermittent Catheter?

    ·     Firm or soft tubing

    ·     Straight or coude (slightly angled or curved) silicone tip

    ·     Sizes 8-16

    ·     Various lengths

    ·     100% latex-free

    ·     Pre-lubricated

    If you live a busy, mobile lifestyle, then an MTG catheter will not disappoint. With different packing options available, most MTG products can fit in a purse or small carrier. Their unique privacy bag holds all of your essential catheter components and allows for the private disposal of your supplies in public places.

    To highlight, their complete catheter kits offer cuffed latex-free gloves, non-staining cleaning prep, gauze, and under pad. If you do not need these parts, MTG offers catheters by themselves.

    An advantage of intermittent catheters is they prevent prolonged uneasiness and allow for more agility than using a long-term catheter. Make your life easier by using a trusted brand such as MTG.

    MTG Intermittent Catheters with At Home Medical

    Not convinced? Contact At Home Medical for free samples of MTG products today.

    At Home Medical is proud to offer a wide range of intermittent catheters for male, female and children. In addition to our catheters, we also offer our customers high-quality self-catheter supplies to make self-catheterization as quick, clean and simple as possible.

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