Your intermittent catheter supplies should always be sterile, top-quality products in order to find exactly what your body needs be aware of any allergies you have. For example, many people have a lubricant allergy, therefore, simply prefer a more saline/water-based solution. Our line of Teleflex-Rusch intermittent catheters and catheter supplies will give you better bladder control and comfort. 

What Makes the Teleflex Brand Special?

They are a global, innovative medical supply provider. Teleflex has made their mark in designing products, such as Rüsch® intermittent catheters, to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. Patients and healthcare providers continuously benefit through the company’s persistent search to find new and current medical needs. Teleflex has created solutions in anesthesia, cardiac care, emergency medicine, interventional and vascular access, as well as surgical, respiratory, and urology care. Improving and prolonging the life of patients is what makes Teleflex at the top of their game. Clients with underlying medical conditions want to be taken care of so they can take care of themselves.

Why Buy Teleflex-Rusch Products?

The Rusch® Brand of urology products protect against infections and enhance patient and provider safety. Teleflex offers an all-inclusive line of bladder management care, including straight, indwelling, external, and intermittent catheters. Other hospital products are available like collection devices, as well as operative urology and endourology supplies.

The most important thing is for you to feel confident and comfortable no matter what activity you are doing. Having options makes anyone with incontinence know that their individual needs matter. With Teleflex’s continual growth and advancement in medical supplies for hospitals and homes, know that all of their products are backed by years of research. Their full team of staff is united in making a difference.

Rusch® Catheters and Other Medical Supplies

One innovative product is the Rusch silicone foley catheter. You can choose from the Rusch gold silicone foley catheter, which also contains natural rubber latex, or the regular Rusch 100 % silicone foley catheter and does not contain latex. Both have two opposing draining eyes for better urine drainage and ultimate comfort.

In addition, Teleflex also has created the Rusch® tap catheter leg bags are made from PVC, a high-grade material for ultimate protection and safety. Likewise, if your preference is a belly bag, the Rusch® Belly Bag® can be worn 24/7 with an indwelling catheter. It is natural rubber latex and complete with a soft fabric waist belt and anti-reflux valve. With is product, there is no need to change from a leg bag to other bag, but instead, you can go to sleep with it on. Most importantly, all Teleflex products are FDA approved.

At Home Medical is your source for high-quality medical catheter supplies, for male, female and pediatric needs. Find the self-catheterization solution that’s right for you and your body.

If you have questions on our intermittent catheters and other catheter supplies, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 800.526.5895 or email at to learn more and get better bladder control with better quality supplies, today!


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