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Coloplast develops products and services with the goal of making life easier for people with private health needs. Specializing in ostomy and interventional urology, Coloplast Corp. carries a large line of intermittent catheters and other incontinence products to aid and relieve a wide range of medical circumstances.

Closeness has become the company’s signature value, which is aimed at better understanding their craft and their customers’ needs. Dubbing it “intimate” healthcare, their team builds relationships with clients. Coloplast professionals are able to find new ways of doing things as a company and the people they service. The result of this is their unique way of helping patients create the best solution for their individual healthcare.

Extensive research has led to Coloplast’s next level innovation. For example, their BodyFit technology helps you find the right ostomy pouch and products for stoma and other conditions, depending on your body shape and needs. Coloplast’s experts understand there are many different reasons that special attention is focused on someone’s bladder and/or bowels. Specifically, their Brava® Protective Seal is designed to reduce and help prevent leakage and above all, protect your skin. Its bendable shape makes it easy to apply and remove.

Why Should I Buy Coloplast Brand Products?

Their ultra-modern innovation starts with their Freedom® Cath, a self-adhering, one-piece, external catheter. With a wide, water-tight adhesive seal and anti-kink reservoir, this Latex male catheter is stretchable, making it perfect for daily wear and easy-to-use.

The SpeediCath® Compact is extremely discreet, as well as being easy-to-use. SpeediCath® Soft is a single-use catheter, also specifically for adult males. It comes ready-to-use and pre-lubricated. Its special hydrophilic coating allows for a smooth insertion and less discomfort. Not having to lubricate the device yourself takes unneeded stress away from your daily routine. Plus, the insertion grip is made of soft, flexible material. Coloplast guarantees its strong, firm grip, allowing for easy insertion without touching the tube or tip. All SpeediCath® Soft products are not made from natural rubber latex, as well as being DEHP and phthalate free.

Likewise, the SpeediCath® Flex Coudé Pro flexible catheter has a bendable, curved tip. Its soft beaded end makes it adaptable to the urethra and can be guided for easy insertion. This product also has a grippable dry-sleeve, which allows for a hygienic catheter insertion, without having to come into contact with the tube.

Finding ostomy products to fit different bulges, curves, hernias, and wounds can be frustrating. Coloplast’s new pouching system, the SenSura® Mio Convex Flip, is the first of its kind. Its exclusive star-shape was specifically designed for people with an outward area.

Get back to doing the things that make you happy, with Coloplast catheters.

At Home Medical understands living with ostomy may not always be easy. Life after ostomy surgery is different for everyone, as it all depends on the reason for it or potential complications and other health conditions. Choose from their wide range of intermittent malefemale and pediatric catheters and accessories.

Make self-catheterization as quick, clean and simple as possible. If you don’t see the product you are looking for listed above, give us a call at 880.526.5895 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.